Smart Training is the nation’s compliance officer.

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Safety is our business! We’ve been providing on-demand safety training for more than 25 years.

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Smart Training helps client companies develop site-specific documentation and training.

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Smart Training

You probably already know that Smart Training takes training technology to the cutting edge. Now we’re taking our delivery process a step further with our new subscription program.

Subscribing offices get all our healthcare-specific OSHA and compliance training modules. Additionally, subscribing offices enjoy access to unique subscriber-only programs like the new Patient Privacy Omnibus and monthly safety meetings.

A Smart Training subscription is the competitive edge your office has been looking for, and the cost won’t bust the practice budget. In fact, a monthly team member subscription costs less than a trip to Starbucks.

Move your team to a Smart Training subscription today. We’ll update you on subscribers-only content and help you get the most from the Smart Training experience.

What Smart Training Represents

Mission Statement

At Smart Training we work to raise awareness, standardize best practices, simplify record keeping, while delivering exceptional quality of service at an unbeatable price.

Since 1984, Smart Training has provided effective compliance training for industries and professions nationwide. Our easy-to-use training modules minimize training downtime by allowing team members to learn at their desk and at their own pace. Our training methodologies are effective, results-focused and deliver outstanding retention.

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